What happens to my droplet if my account is suspended?

April 27, 2015 4k views

I had a delay with a client in clearing their outstanding debt. After sometime the account was suspended and the droplet deleted. Incidentally the day after suspension the client paid up. However on restoring the droplet from the deleted snapshot, var/www and mysql is missing. Should I get worried? Kindly elaborate on what happens when a droplet is deleted due to suspension.

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DigitalOcean will just suspend the account as well as all the droplets. If the var/www and mysql folders are missing, then it’s probably not DigitalOcean’s fault. If you are absolutely sure that you and your client didn’t change anything, contact DigitalOcean.

Then again, make sure it’s not an issue on you or your client’s end. You don’t wanna embarrass yourself ;-)

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