What is digital ocean? Thank you friends.

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Excuse my awesome lack of knowledge.

Is Digital Ocean a:

a normal hosting service to upload my website on
a normal hosting service for reselling
VPN service
VPN service for reselling


I’m looking to develop an APP that hides users IP address. A VPN.

Thank you.

  • the awesome Spartan

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2 answers

We are an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider. You can create Linux droplets (virtual servers) that you receive full root access to allowing you to install and configure whatever software you like. We have users utilizing our services for each of the use cases you have outlined so any of those is possible.

  • Out of curiosity, what kind of services are not allowed on DO? For example; can thepiratebay be hosted here?

  • Services that violate the law or result in a large volume of abuse complaints by outside parties, or negatively affect the services for other users would not be allowed. Otherwise you can do whatever you like with your droplet. Some things that would not be allowed (or would likely result in abuse complaints) are:

    • Running a site to pirate content in violation of the DMCA
    • Running bitcoin mining services (if they are not configured to prevent excessive CPU use)
    • Running a tor exit node (relay nodes are not a problem but exit nodes will almost certainly cause abuse issues).
    • Sending unsolicited emails (SPAM)
    • Performing DoS or brute force attacks on other sites or services.

DigitalOcean sells Linux VPSes.