What is DOSSOProd in the Applications & API panel?

July 17, 2019 180 views
DigitalOcean API Control Panels

Hei all,

I have the application DOSSOProd in my Applications & API settings. I can not remember setting it up. Does somebody know what it is and what it does? It has full access to my account so I feel a bit strange about it.

Best wishes,

1 Answer

Hey there Niklas!

The application under DOSSOProd is actually a component used for the Support Portal system available from your control panel. When first using the support portal, you would have had to authorize access - that's where and when this would have been added :)

Hope this helps!

  • Hi mbarton,

    thank you for the quick reply. Does that mean I can delete it until I need the support panel again?

    Best wishes,

    • Yes! You can revoke that if you would like - it will just cause you to need to re-authorize when you use the Support Portal again.


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