What is MEAN on Ubuntu?

December 20, 2013 22k views
One of the applications listed is MEAN on Ubuntu. What is MEAN? It's something I've not heard of and it's tough to find anything on Google since mean is such a common word. Thanks,
  • I am wandering the same, almost a year later. Did you find what it means ?

  • I googled “MEAN on Ubuntu”, this was the first result! LOL.
    Anyway, one of the later results was this, which is about what I expected, but I didn’t know what the E or A were.

    MEAN = (M)ongoDB + (E)xpress + (A)ngularJS + (N)ode

  • I just Confused now because this page indexed perfectly on SERP. very simple question can make you rich lol

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It's an application stack based on NodeJS and MongoDB. You can read more about it here: http://mean.io/.

I just tried the application..... it seems to be very faulty..... it’s not ready, upon Droplet-build...... and there’s no tutorial on here...... so, because I have no idea how far the implementation of MEAN was done on the pre-fab, I have no idea how to fix it so it can work...... I already had to install grunt, and now it’s saying there’s no Gruntfile..... I’m new to MEAN, and I can’t handle this confusion.... I’ll have to re-build the Droplet as a standard Ubuntu 14.04, then install MEAN manually.....

MEAN is a quick start boilerplate for creating apps based on MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and AngularJS. DigitalOcean’s MEAN One-Click Application pre-installs the Mean.js implementation of the stack.

To start the sample project, run:

cd /opt/mean

It will now be available at http://your.ip.address:3000

You will have a MongoDB instance available for use at

Check out the docs at Mean.js for more information.

THIS is MEAN! It is a replacement for your LAMP Stack ;)

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