What is my Root password?

September 29, 2014 25.4k views

I somehow forgot the root password to our server via console window, and needed to access it - Is it possible to look it up without having to reset it?

I work with a number of people who have access to the same server as well, and don't want to reset it for everyone just because I couldn't remember what it is. Is there a way to look it up via account dashboard?


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To set a root password, navigate to your Droplet's page in the control panel. It should open to the "Access" section. Towards the bottom, there is a button to "Reset Root Password".


I was only using SSH in the beginning so was missing the password too: "If you log in to your server using SSH keys and have not set up a password for the root account or a sudo user, you will need to use the DigitalOcean control panel to create a password for you."

Most users will manage their DigitalOcean Droplets using SSH, PuTTY, or an installed control panel. However, it's possible that situations could arise that locks you out of accessing your Droplet through these conventional methods. For instance, changes to your network...

funny that this psot doesnt have more love.

I mean, why the f&*k they don't mention it when we setup a new droplet??

If you are the one who has created the droplet and hasn't changed the password yet, you can find it in your mailbox.

If not, there is no other way - reset it or ask other people who have it.

Another strategy is to log in as root using your pass phrase, then creating a new user for admin purposes. E.g., adduser administrator1 (you will be prompted for the password).

what is my username ? root username is not authenticate on this

Creating a droplet doesn't send an email with your root password. I've created 3 or 4 over the years and I've never received one. So always reset your root password to get it.

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