What is the best way to backup my database on a regular basis?

June 22, 2015 6.1k views
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Hi DO Community!

I’m currently running an auction script on one of my droplets and the weekly backups that DO provides just aren’t frequent enough for bidding data. Some auctions open and close within a few days. Whats the best way to backup the auction data in my database?

I’m running MySQL on a LAMP/Ubuntu stack.

I see the new article on Bacula on the community homepage. Is that a reliable application and is it hard to setup? Is that my best option?


  • do you have a location you are backing up to?

    I ask because I am going to write a tutorial, and I am trying to get an idea of what people are doing.

  • right now no. I’m just downloading a db backup manually via phpmyadmin. I would like to setup auto-backups to a remote location. I was thinking of creating a droplet just to store the backups.

3 Answers

if you are interested…

I have a script that you can run on a cronjob that will make a dump of your databases, and also backup your website files.
The script will backup to wherever you want, but lately I have been backing up to Amazon S3 buckets. If your droplet ever crashes it is nice to have complete backups of recent databases and website files on a seperate location.

I will work on the tutorial today.

If you want to do prep, you can:

-create an AWS account: https://aws.amazon.com/
-create a database user that will only be for backing up stuff. You can give that user the following global permissions:
show view
show databases
lock tables
replication client

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