What is the best way to get a subdomain to be masked [look like] a domain?

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Hi…I’m putting together a site for a real estate company and I’m not sure how to put their request together. They want their main domain to showcase their properties for sale and once a property is clicked on their main domain, that property comes up as a custom-template single-page site. I figured to use subdomains for each property but the company owner does not like the way the subdomain URL looks on their printed materials—it’s too long and company owner believe buyers obtaining the printed materials will not type in such a long URL.

For example…
https://realestatecompanydomain.com as a main site. Say the company has 10 properties for sale, I figured do a www.subdomain.realestatecompanydomain.com for each of the 10 properties.

My solution was to have the company purchase 10 domains and each domain name correlate to the street name and mask each subdomain with a domain.

For example…
www.subdomain.realestatecompanydomain.com—>mask with—>www.mainstreet.com

The solution above would remove the lengthy subdomain on printed materials to a more shortened and simple domain.

But my solution seems to be costly and ineffective. I’m sure there’s another way of accomplishing what they want but I cannot seem to find an answer. I’ve read about CNAME Flattening and DNS providers such as CloudFlare but I’m not well-versed at those options.

I would appreciate any help.


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I think this is more about strategy than a technical problem, but I might have advice under both circumstances.

Masking is fine, but I think this scenario overthinks it:

subdomain.domain.com masked as www.domaintwo.com

At this point you need a web server virtual host for both, domaintwo.com could be a reverse proxy for subdomain.domain.com. But then, at that point, why not just point domaintwo.com directly to the content. Since the business owner doesn’t seem to want or care about the subdomain, it starts to look like unnecessary excess.

Since the issue is URL length, and they don’t like subdomains, I think you end up with two options:

  1. Their main website presents an opportunity to easily click the property that someone is looking for, so visitors go to their main website and quickly find themselves able to navigate to a page that shows the relevant property.

  2. You use unique domains for property, each one pointing directly to the relevant content.

Those are my initial thoughts at least.


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