What is the difference between H1, H2 Tag and Alt Tag in SEO?

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H1 & H2 are called as header tags. H1 indicates the text with highest priority & H2 being second highest priority. Alt tags are used to give naming to images. This tag is used because search engine crawlers are unable ti identify images & hence proper name is given to them in the form of text.

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H1, H2 Tag are used for Heading Tag in website content and Alt Tag also known as “alt attribute” and “alt description,” is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to provide a text alternative for search engines. Applying images to alt tags such as product photos can positively impact an ecommerce store’s search engine rankings.
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Exactly how search engines like Google calculate things is a closely held secret but we can know that certain things like a good structure and descriptive headings can be helpful. This post gives some good information on the use of the different H tags and their relation to SEO. Alt tags on images are important not just for SEO but also for visually impaired users using screen readers as the alt tags can add context to a page that would otherwise be lost when using a screen reader or other accessibility options.

yes, H1 is with the highest priority but be careful to use only 1 H1 tags per page not more. also its not necessary to have all the tags in your page. mostly h1, h2 & h3 does the all.

more importantly, you should spend most of the time of SEO with related link building. more related industry sites point your site with related info google will higher your rank.

H1 is a heading tag - Page must have one heading tag for SEO
h2 is a sub heading tag - You can use sub heading in your page for making it good for SEO
Alt Tag is Image tag - You can tag images with proper image name top get help in SEO

In HTML, There are totally Six heading elements (such as <H1> to <H6>) available to use in the structuring and optimizing the content for Search Engines crawlers as well as readers. <H1> is a primary element and it is used to identify the title of the content. <h2> will be used for sub-heading. Whereas, Alt tag is used in the <Img> tag, which represents Anchor text of the particular image.

H1 tag is considered as the main heading of the blog. The heading which we put in our blog at the top is known as H1 tag. H1 tag should be in such a way that, user need to understand the topic of our blog easily and get attracted to the title.

H2 tag is considered to be very important next after the h1 tag. We will specify different headings or contents of our blog in H2 tag.

Alt tag or Alternative tag is specified to the images we upload in our blog.

This is the main difference between H1, H2 and Alt tags.

you can use <H1> tag for most important tittle in your page and for better seo you should have just one h1 tag but h2 is use for other tittle in your page and you can use more h2 tag but for better seo is better you have less than 10 h2 tag

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You can use <H1> tag for most important tittle in your page and for better seo you should have just one h1 tag but h2 is use for other tittle in your page and you can use more h2 tag but for better seo is better you have less than 10 h2 tag .

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A title tag is an HTML element that defines the title of a web page. Title tags are presented on search engine results pages as the clickable headline for a given result and are essential for social sharing, SEO, and usability. The title tag is intended to be an exact and brief description of a web page’s content.

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Headers are sub-topics headings included with focus keywords in different variations (brand+ keywords, a keyword included Long-tail keywords etc, and headers improve time on page, make content engaging

*H1 Vs H2 *

  • H1 is Major Heading after Meta Title, H1 can be equal to Meta title and every content must have a header (its rule only one H1 for one webpage),
  • H2’s are headings of Subtopics, H2 can be multiple

Alt Tag,

A text (rich with keywords) which can replace the image, on text browsers, alt text help search engines understand what the image is about, it can also help at the times of low internet connection

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H1 Tag: It is the title of the webpage and must be used only once in the content of the webpage.
H2 tag: It is used as a subheading or subtitle in the content of a webpage and can be used multiple times.
Alt Tag: It is an image caption or name given to an image, that is used because to get identified by Search Engine.

H1 and H2 tags are header tags which are used in the page content. H1 tag contains your keywords that will improve your website traffic.

If you have an image in a website, the search engine crawlers does not read your image, rather you can use ALT tag for search engines.

The most important thing is that you can include your keyword in ALT tag.

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H1 and H2 tags are called as Header tags.H1 tag should contain targeted focus keyword.Generally H1 tag is consists of a title and it tells what is there in content of the page.H1 tag should be only one where as H2 and H3 tags are used as per convinience.H2 tag is nothing but subheading of the content and guides visitors to a specific section of the web content.

Alt tags are also known as Alt attribute.Alt tags are vital for images.Alt tags are the alternate text that is displayed when the image is not available so search engines use this text to identify what the image is.

H1,H2 and Alt tags are playing crucial role in the SEO.

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H1 tags are compulsory on each page of a website. They must appear once on each page while H2 tags are optional.

There is huge difference between H1, H2 $ Alt tags in SEO. H1 and H2 is a Header Tag. H1 used as a heading tag, and you can use only one heading tag in one webpage and it indicates the text with higher priority. and the second H2 tag is used as a Subheading can use this more than one time on your webpage. H2 is being second-highest priority.Alt tags are used in the <Img> tag, which is used to give the name to the image, which represents Anchor text of the particular image. It helps search engines to understand what the image is about, it can also help at the times of low internet connection where your image is not downloaded but image text is visible.

Header tags have their own place on a page and have to be used in a proper order starting with your h1. The h1 tag should contain your targeted keywords, ones that closely relate to the page title, and are relevant to your content. The h2 tag is a subheading and should contain similar keywords to your h1 tag. Both tags are important an SEO point of view, it will help your site to appear in search results.

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