What is the difference between H1, H2 Tag and Alt Tag in SEO?

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H1 & H2 are called as header tags. H1 indicates the text with highest priority & H2 being second highest priority. Alt tags are used to give naming to images. This tag is used because search engine crawlers are unable ti identify images & hence proper name is given to them in the form of text.

  • Hello, that's right ... the H1 titles are the main ones in each of the pages of our website that we want to position in Google, but they are not the same as the meta tag "Title", the H1 is the main header and the best Is to add the main keyword in it, H2 is also header, where we can also include our keyword but it would be better synonyms or a long tail that includes our main keyword, these are header that usually ban before each section of our page. ALT are labels called "Alternative Text" that will indicate what our image is about, as for Google they are also important, it is best to add our keyword or synonyms of it on that tag. This post will explain each of the key SEO optimization SEO On Page.

  • Basically, H1 indicates the text with the highest priority, H2 being a second highest priority and Alt tags are used to give naming to images.

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Exactly how search engines like Google calculate things is a closely held secret but we can know that certain things like a good structure and descriptive headings can be helpful. This post gives some good information on the use of the different H tags and their relation to SEO. Alt tags on images are important not just for SEO but also for visually impaired users using screen readers as the alt tags can add context to a page that would otherwise be lost when using a screen reader or other accessibility options.

yes, H1 is with the highest priority but be careful to use only 1 H1 tags per page not more. also its not necessary to have all the tags in your page. mostly h1, h2 & h3 does the all.

more importantly, you should spend most of the time of SEO with related link building. more related industry sites point your site with related info google will higher your rank.

H1 is a heading tag - Page must have one heading tag for SEO
h2 is a sub heading tag - You can use sub heading in your page for making it good for SEO
Alt Tag is Image tag - You can tag images with proper image name top get help in SEO

In HTML, There are totally Six heading elements (such as <H1> to <H6>) available to use in the structuring and optimizing the content for Search Engines crawlers as well as readers. <H1> is a primary element and it is used to identify the title of the content. <h2> will be used for sub-heading. Whereas, Alt tag is used in the <Img> tag, which represents Anchor text of the particular image.

In the semantic web concept, you show use hierarchal heading in your page.
H1 has more power and the H2 after H1 has more power.

ALT tag used in img, whit this attribute search engine crawler can detect the subject of your image.
for a better result, you can use html5-outliner plugin for chrome.

for best practice you can see this page: بلیط ارزان هواپیما

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Having a proper site structure in place is really important in optimizing your website. H1, H2, H3 and on wards are heading tags that helps to organize the text so it can be meaningful for the reader as well as the crawler. These heading tags are listed in terms of their weight i.e. H1 tag has the most weight which means that you can optimize your website for a particular keyword by adding it in the H1 tag. This will help the crawler to understand that the web page contains information regarding the keyword used in H1 tag. Some people don't realize the importance of heading tags and that's why they don't do proper on-page optimization. These are some of the grave SEO mistakes that one should avoid. You can also read some more SEO mistakes in this post

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