What is the difference between the LAMP on Ubuntu and Wordpress on Ubuntu droplets

Posted June 9, 2014 11.5k views
I'm new to Digital Ocean and trying to decide on what makes more sense when setting up my Droplet. What is the difference between LAMP on Ubuntu and Wordpress on Ubuntu configs? Is it just that on the later they add Wordpress to the LAMP config? Thanks, Erik

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LAMP stands for Linux (in your case 'Ubuntu') Apache (Web Server) Mysql (Database) and Php (scripting language for your website).
This is a complete Web Stack you need to install first in order to host and run your Website developed using Wordpress.
Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is used to build dynamic Websites.

So first you need to install LAMP stack :

And then Install Wprdpress :
by Justin Ellingwood
One of the most common steps to take when setting up a new server is to install a LAMP stack. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These individual components, when used together, allow us to host dynamic web content like websites and web apps on our server. We will demonstrate how to install these pieces and configure a basic setup for Ubuntu 14.04 in this guide.
  • Thanks for the clarifications. My follow-on question is more to the options I have when creating a Droplet. I can choose Ubuntu with LAMP or Ubuntu with Wordpress.... What I'm trying to understand is what is the difference between the two? Is there any reason why I would choose the LAMP option and then install Wordpress myself over using the pre-built Droplet? Just thinking out loud but could I get more flexibility if I built it myself? Thanks...
  • The two images are very similar. The only reason why you might prefer starting with the LAMP image and then installing Wordpress would be if you had some kind of special requirements. Remember, this isn't shared hosting. So even with the Wordpress images, you still get full root access and you can make any modifications that you want.
Installing Ubuntu with LAMP would probably allow you to install other PHP CMS solutions out there, such as Drupal, Joomla, etc, but I don't think it would include Wordpress. I have not tried the specific options for Ubuntu with LAMP vs. Ubuntu with Wordpress, but I would say that the Ubuntu with LAMP would probably require a manual install of Wordpress while the Ubuntu with Wordpress would include Wordpress (and, by extension, the LAMP stack that is required to run Wordpress).
The difference is the ubuntu lamp is just that, a blank web server you would have to upload your site or upload a cms and set it up, ubuntu with WordPress, would be ubuntu with lamp and also have WordPress setup already