What is the DO typical support response time?

February 16, 2015 2.3k views

I am looking for a new host for a dozen domains (like $300 in Droplets) and DO looks good.
But, there is no phone support and I wonder what the typical response time is?
I've read a few horror stories in the community here and that worries me.
What is your experience as users? Is support responsive enough, how long does it take DO to answer a mission critical ticket?

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Our staff chose not to chime in on this question when it was first posted as it was asking for an opinion from other users. Since no responses were received I'll update this with some basic information.

Our support team is very well staffed with folks with a ton of sysadmin and development experience, operated within DigitalOcean and focuses on a 30 minute response time target. They are not always able to meet this target but in almost every case you should see responses within 1 hour.

"critical" would be a great feature! :)

I know that this post is pretty old but I want to say to people who is thinking to join digital ocean. Digital Ocean has very good support to be honest.

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