What is the Droplet Limit

Posted March 9, 2014 23.6k views
Hi, I am VERY new to Digital Ocean. Just love what we have seen so far. Once quick question. Are we limited to how many droplets we can create on my $10 per month account? Many thanks and kindest regards Andrew

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You have a 10 droplet limit. Each droplet is billed separately but under the same account.

You can send a trouble ticket if you need more.

Hope that helps.

And why would you limit how many products i can buy?
@freddy: The droplet limit is initially set to 5 to prevent abuse. Please open up a support ticket to get your limit raised.
  • I just ran into an issue today where my Droplet limit got set to zero and was not reset when I updated my billing information which I have a ticket on.

    However, this droplet limit concerns me a great deal.

    It seems very counter productive for a system designed for use by developers.

    Lets say I am developing a VOIP application. I figure each server can handle say 100 users. Then when I hit 100 users I deploy a new droplet from a master record.

    This means if I have a large number of sign ups I could hit my droplet limit and my application would just break. Then I would not be able to process new orders until I open a support ticket and make a request.

    Which since you do not even notify people when they hit the droplet limit I would have to check on my own.

    It seems it would just be easier at this point just to use Rackspace or Amazon for any real production useage and just use Digital Ocean to play with since your limiting developers so much with this horrible idea.

Hi I had the same curious. Which mean I can create 5 droplet, and the monthly payment still remain $10? Am I correct?
@Tee: If you want your monthly payment to be $10, you can create either 1 1GB droplet or 2 512MB droplets.

Hello, all

If you want to increase your droplet limit you’ll need to follow these steps:

First, access your account and navigate to your account page.

Once there, you’ll want to click the Increase link to open the form to increase your account’s current limit.if you’re having a limit of 25 the option to increase the limit to 50 should work instantly and the limit will be increased to 50 droplets.

If you require a higher limit, then fill out the form and after you’ve submitted the form, it will then be passed on to DigitalOcean’s support team for review.

Hope that this helps!