What Is The Point Of A Control Panel? Is Digital Oceans Control Panel like Vesta CP?

September 5, 2018 701 views
Ubuntu 16.04 Control Panels

Good evening. I am in the midst of downloading this script: One of their services is downloading the Vesta Cp control panel. I am wondering: Do I need this control Panel? Or does digital ocean function just the same as a control panel? What is the function of a control panel anyways? Would I really need it? Does it make everything easier to do?

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It is also called server panel

DigitalOcean droplets doesn’t come with a server panel. So Vesta CP offers some value. It gives a GUI to manage your server. Which is helpful if you’re not comfortable with command line.

But Vesta CP isn’t a perfect solution in my experience. Virtualmin is a better and more powerful solution.

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  • Thank you for taking the time for your answer! I am going to pass on your offer to install it for me, as I’ve been doing everything myself. I have been using command lines for all my coding, and if I don’t need a GUI then I will stick with the command lines. I am more comfortable with them and I don’t mind learning them. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t need a server panel!

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