What is the pricing revision for flexible resize option? How does it affect the transfer quota?

July 31, 2015 6.5k views
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The price (cost) of the plan in the fixed tiers is very straightforward. But DigitalOcean offers "flexible resizing" option, in which case the configuration can be altered from the general fixed tiers to a customized option.

In this case, how is the pricing determined?

  1. Pro-rated pricing based on actual resource configuration. (If so, what's the split?)
  2. Pricing based on the highest matching fixed tier for any of the resources.
  3. Pricing based on the disk size (regardless of processor or RAM config)*

Additional Question: Does flexible resizing also increase or decrease the available transfer bandwidth? This is not mentioned anywhere in the related FAQs.

* I inferred this to be a possibility based on the bill PDF, where only the disk size is used to describe the server configuration and pricing unit used. Also, SSD is expensive.

1 Answer

the only difference i found in 2 type of resize option is, flexible resize will let u roll back to your previous cheaper package which a permanent resize wont allow. means, you can not go back to any lower package from higher package in case or permanent resize.

this post will clear your question i believe.

i just did a flexible resize couple of minutes ago, the reason for my flexible resize was i get to keep my droplets IP the same. which was very important for me as i cant bear 2 days of dns propagation with all my active clients for my application.

by Melissa Anderson
Resizing your servers can be an effective way of increasing their capacity, by allowing them to utilize more memory (RAM), CPU, and disk storage. The ability to resize a server, also known as vertical scaling, can be useful in a variety of situations that prompt the need for a more powerful server, such as if your concurrent user base increases or if you need to store more data. In this tutorial, we will show you how to resize your server, also known as a droplet, on DigitalOcean.
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