What is your privacy policy?

Posted February 15, 2013 7.8k views
The Terms of Service page doesn't go into much detail. Could you post something clear and unambiguous, for example, like

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Thanks, we'll update our privacy policy to be more explicit.
Missed an update for this forum question - we've actually updated our TOS with our privacy policy and also submitted our application for Safe Harbor.
Hello Raiyu
I had read the TOS #4, but it appears to be only about personal data.. I was looking for some information about the privacy policy relative to the data that we will host on the cloud..

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Updated with additional information and it will be available on the next deploy.

This part concerns me... (Privacy Policy)

> Some features of the Services may allow you to provide content to the Services. All content submitted by you to the Services may be retained by us indefinitely, even after you terminate your Account. We may continue to disclose such content to third parties in a manner that does not reveal Personal Information, as described in this Privacy Policy.

So basically anything I host on Digital Ocean servers could be kept indefinitely by yourselves, and as long as it doesn't identify me, you can give it to whoever you like? :)

It almost renders the scrubbing of droplets pointless!
What is the status of the safe harbor application?
so data is not really private uh?
@galvax: What do you mean? Is there anything specific in the privacy policy you want to be changed?
  • Section 8 of the TOS addresses the obligations of the user to keep DO information confidential. The DO Privacy Policy Has a section entitled “User Content” that actually refers to “Personal Information”. I’d like to see something in the TOS or Privacy Policy that says that DO will not disclose what I consider to be “User Content” (e.g. customer databases hosted on DO, source code, customer emails, etc, etc, etc…). Right now I see no such restrictions, other than that if DO chooses to reveal “Account Information”, it will do so without revealing “Personal Information”.