What is your SLA?

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Did DO supply the requested SLA? If they did, please list the link to access it.

Digital Ocean provides a 100% network up-time SLA and a 99.9% general cloud up-time SLA. Lost time is refunded back to your account at the hourly rate incurred.
Is there a way to get your detailled SLA documentation?
@nblavoie: What kind of additional information do you need?
Is this a monthly or yearly SLA? In other words, if a droplet is down for more than 52 minutes in a single month (the yearly allowance for a 99.99% uptime SLA), does your downtime allowance reset at the beginning of the next month, or are you constrained to offer 100% uptime for the rest of the year?
*Edit - I meant down for more than 8h 46m, the 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Hi Kamal Nasser,

Before 10 hours, I could not login and assumed that firewall blocked my ip, which it does like charm reglarly. Hence, it did not occur to me that kernel could be the culprit.

Today, I found that my droplet in Singapore did not respond to powercycle, i.e. it did not respond to "hardware reset". From console access, I found that kernel was hanging and became non-responsive.

The matter was placed to DigitalOcean support and a ticket opened with with a "click on critical".

The support staff reacted with lightening speed diving into the problem. They found a problem with hypervisor and began to investigate the problem, if it was only my droplet or some others affected.

There it goes. They immediately brought my droplet online.

I wrote that DigitalOcean must accept a "self-penalty" and give a credit of ten times the hours of downtime, which means hundred hours.

The support staf rejected my request and pointed out that if they identified any mistake on side of DigitalOcean then the MONTHLY CHARGE FOR 620 HOURS IN FULL SHALL BE IMMEDIATELY CREDITED! In the answer, they brought to my notice the SLA in effect and showed me a link of this page.

I was not aware of any SLA or this page and had requested to credit 100 hours. But they denied and credited 620 hours!!! I received the credit note of the monthly chanrge in full immediately.

My friends, I am still speechless and do not know what more to say beyond thanks ....

620 hours, @companiesnewsletters? Are you sure about that?

Hi DigitalOcean, please do write down your SLA just like Amazon EC2 does: Comments in a thread like this is not approved as reference.

+1 for proper SLA. Please let us know.

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