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Posted June 8, 2013 7.7k views
Currently, I have the following traffic on my two sites at Site 1 = 200k visitors / 750k pageviews a month Site 2 = 300k visitors / 650k pageviews a month Now I am planning to transfer here. What would be the best plan to choose? Is the $80/month enough? BTW, for site 1, I am using Drupal and Wordpress for site 2.

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Should be okay. I have a site with ~250k visitors/month running on a i5-2300 CPU @ 2.80GHz with 4 cores and 16 GB RAM and the server is idling a lot (even with a gameserver and some other services running).

Please note that the count of your visitors/month or pageviews/month doesn't say a lot about the load. It's the number of concurrent online users that counts. My setup mentioned above should be able to handle more than 200 (I never saw more than ~100 at the same time and the server was idling in this case) so the $80 vps here should do the same.

By the way: Why a shared machine? For $80 you could get a good dedicated one. Just curious.
Thanks for the reply LazyTiger. What do you mean by shared machine? I don't actually host on hostgator using shared hosting if that's what you mean. I'm using at elite server and paying $279 a month. And where can I find a good dedicated server for only $80?
Well, I underestimated the exchange rate between EUR and USD. The server I saw costs about 85€, $89 on their US site ( ). I'm renting a server at OVH for about 5 years now, never had a problem with them.

And with "shared" I meant Digital Ocean. On DO you get a certain amount of ressources from a physical server plus a physical SSD for yourself alone (dedicated), which means you get a virtual server.

Well, virtual server or not, those are fast as hell.

As far as I understood, DO is more for testing and developing, not for long term hosting.
Addendum: I'm only stating my opinion here. I'm not trying to push anyone away from DO. I describe in my broken English what I'd do. No offense :)

I can't believe they are so cheap. And they are offering an Intel Xeon processor. It seem Intel Xeon E3-1265L 2.5GHz (Hostgator) at $279 vs Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (OVH) at $89 is comparable, isn't it? Plus hostgator offers only 8gb of ram while OVH offers 32 gb. I can't believe this.

BTW, can you share to me your site so I can look at it? What package do you have and how many traffic do you have every month?

The only problem I see is they don't have live chat support.
Is and different company?
- According to the E3-1265L v2 has 8,306 points and the E3 1245v2 8,886 points.
- OVH is a French company with local teams in several countries as you can see under
- I manage several servers from OVH, the one I was talking about above is comparable to - the website hosted is a Wordpress-Site (PHP/MySQL). The server also hosts rtorrent, some iroffer, a Left 4 Dead 2 Server, Piwik for the main site and some smaller ones.

Is and different company? yes it is the same company, from "mother company"