what port my node.js/next.js should go through with nginx? or am i missing something else?

September 27, 2018 732 views
Nginx Node.js Ubuntu 18.04

I'm using 'one click' made droplet with node.js. i got nginx running and showing its default page when i go to the IP address of the droplet. i have cloned my project into the droplet and 'npm install' it, i can run it using 'npm run dev -- -p <port>' and i can see the message it's running. i have tried few ports but i can't figure out what i'm missing.
when i go to '' i see nginx default page, and when i try '' or other port i get nothing.
Please help me figure out what to do, i'm already started 'using' and it's costs money.

2 Answers

Try specifying the wildcard host:

npm run dev -- -p 3000 --host

Then access it via your server's IP and port 3000.

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