What's the difference between snapshots and Droplet backups, how to backup and can it be downloaded?

January 28, 2014 13.8k views
So in account control panel there is Images link on the left in menu and under that there are Snapshots and Droplet backups. Snapshot is basically snap, clone of droplet, it should be same thing as backup, right? But if it's a same thing as backup why there are backups than? What's the difference and i couldn't find anywhere option to backup droplet, just to make snapshot. And is it possible to download and keep one on my pc?
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https://snapshooter.io/ automates snapshot backups :)

  • Thank you @uberdigital link :)

    You’re correct we offer this for people who want more frequent backups of their droplets. From Hourly to Daily snapshots with daily/weekly and monthly retention policies with no limit on the number of past snapshots that can be managed.

by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial provides an explanation for how backup and snapshots work on DigitalOcean. Additionally, it includes information on how to scale, backup, and clone out servers with snapshots.
Thank you for your links. first one explained exactly what i wanted to clear out.

Thay have the same output, its just that - Snapshot requires you to power off your droplet. Auto backup feature - no need to power off.

And just to verify? can a snapshot be downloaded?

For anyone looking for automated or on-demand DigitalOcean backups that can be downloaded as well, check us out SimpleBackups.io

Here’s a step by step guide: https://support.simplebackups.io/tutorials-and-how-tos/create-website-files-database-backups

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