What's the difference between two droplets having the same 2Gb memory, same 2TB transfer, but one having 50gb in space and the other 30gb?

March 8, 2018 897 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04

Besides the obvios disk space difference, does having the extra space positively affect its performance. Does anybody know if I’ll be able to upgrade once I need those extra 20gb? Will the price change from the current 10$/mo price? At the moment, I have the 10$/mo plan with 2Gb memory, 2TB transfer, 30gb space, but there’s a new plan for the same price but 50gb in space. Should I resize to it? What do you recommend? I only need 1 GB atm, but this number will grow.

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Having extra disk space might slightly affect performance if you are using around 97% or more of the available disk space, but in general those two are not very related.

As for the Droplet plan—am I right in assuming that you resized your Droplet to the new Standard 2GB plan? It sounds like you picked the CPU and RAM only option so your disk space is still that of the old 2GB plan.

The Droplet will still cost you $10/mo if you resize your disk space as well. Keep in mind that a disk resize will take a bit longer than CPU and RAM only, though. See this tutorial for more info on the different resize options:

by Melissa Anderson
Resizing your servers can be an effective way of increasing their capacity, by allowing them to utilize more memory (RAM), CPU, and disk storage. The ability to resize a server, also known as vertical scaling, can be useful in a variety of situations that prompt the need for a more powerful server, such as if your concurrent user base increases or if you need to store more data. In this tutorial, we will show you how to resize your server, also known as a droplet, on DigitalOcean.
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