What's wrong... I failed with Virtualmin and my DNS

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DNS Ubuntu 16.04

Hi !

First, sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning...

I've installed Virtualmin on a new Ubuntu 16.04 droplet with the DigitalOcean's « How To »

I also create vanity Nameservers with DigitalOcean Cloud Servers with the DigitalOcean's « How To » (I used the « The Quick & Easy Recipe: Vanity Nameservers » method).

I can access to the admin turquoiseapp.ca:10000 and create new virtual servers, but i can't access to my domain... When I ping them, i got ; ping: cannot resolve mynewdomain.com: Unknown host.

On my registrar, i set my NS (ns1.turquoiseapp.ca, ns2.turquoiseapp.ca, ns3.turquoiseapp.ca) to my new domains. The domain turquoiseapp.ca has the DigitalOcean's NS (ns1.digitalocean.com, ns2.digitalocean.com, ns3.digitalocean.com).

My droplet DNS :
A moraine.turquoiseapp.ca 1800
CNAME www.turquoiseapp.ca turquoiseapp.ca. 43200
A ns3.turquoiseapp.ca 1800
A ns2.turquoiseapp.ca 1800
A ns1.turquoiseapp.ca 1800
A turquoiseapp.ca 3600
NS turquoiseapp.ca ns1.turquoiseapp.ca. 1800
NS turquoiseapp.ca ns2.turquoiseapp.ca. 1800
NS turquoiseapp.ca ns3.turquoiseapp.ca. 1800

moraine.turquoiseapp.ca is my FQDN

My new Virtual Server
ping apetitspasdegeant.ca
ping: cannot resolve apetitspasdegeant.ca: Unknown host

apetitspasdegeant.ca DNS (on Virutalmin) :
@ IN SOA ns1.turquoiseapp.ca. root.ns1.turquoiseapp.ca. (
38400 )
@ IN NS ns1.turquoiseapp.ca.
@ IN NS ns2.turquoiseapp.ca.
apetitspasdegeant.ca. IN A
www.apetitspasdegeant.ca. IN A
ftp.apetitspasdegeant.ca. IN A
m.apetitspasdegeant.ca. IN A
localhost.apetitspasdegeant.ca. IN A
webmail.apetitspasdegeant.ca. IN A
admin.apetitspasdegeant.ca. IN A
mail.apetitspasdegeant.ca. IN A

I'm lost... I read and tried a lot of things... but nothing !

Thanks, I hope I gave enought informations.

2 Answers

There doesn't seems to be namesevers configured for apetitspasdegeant.ca at your registrar. You need to add them.

I’ve reinstall Virtualmin but it still doesnt work...

Did i miss something ?...

Should i add apetitspasdegeant.ca to my droplet’s domains ? It doesnt make any sense..

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