What's your workflow for updating and maintaining your code?

September 9, 2014 2.7k views

Basically, what are the steps for updating your code by using digital ocean ?

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I keep a Git repository on my local machine, and on every upgrade i just clone the newer version to my droplet, so all updates are made and tested locally and organized on GitHub :)

  • I do this similar task, except I have a post receive hook which initiates a bash script on my production server. the bash script does a git pull.

  • Can I see your hook? Anywhere to find it, like a Gist?

Workflow software is generally cloud based software and works efficiently on handling of queue of tasks. Uploading of software is not a big issue, because uploading and maintenance is done by the company itself. In today’s market numerous companies are offering these cloud base services you can simply visit them and can avail their services for better managing your data.

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