what server setup will you recommend for a website built on php & nginx and having at least 1000hits per second ,that are available on do

October 12, 2018 482 views
Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

i have tried using a load balancer with 3 2gb servers and a single db instance, but i need to know i am doing it right

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Load balancing is the way to go. Have you considered adding a cache to reduce the pressure? How's the single DB holding so far?

  • well each instance is running redis , so they get the data from the db server and cache it, is that what you mean?

    • Yes that's fine. With 1000hit/s I'm assuming this is a read-heavy app, correct? If so, do you have any HTTP caching being done right behind the LB (ex: Varnish)?

      • its not a read heavy app really mostly configurations on page layout , and i dont have Varnish behind the LB.

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