What should I backup before transferring websites to a new droplet?

Posted July 3, 2019 845 views
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Hello there,

As I mentioned in the title, I moved my sites that are on CentOS 6.8 droplet to a newly created Ubuntu 18.04 droplet. After the migration, I’m gonna delete the old server.

The things I’ve backed up now include:

  • Websites
  • Cron file
  • Databases
  • Nginx configuration files

The question I want to ask is this; what else should I backup other than these ones?

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This is pretty much it. I could add just a few more things:

  • If you are using PHP, make sure to note down your PHP modues and your PHP settings so that you could install those modules on the new server as well
  • If you are using MySQL or MariaDB, check your my.cnf file for some custom settings as well
  • If your sites have SSL certificates make sure to copy your certificates and private keys to the new server

Besides that, I would recommend testing the sites on the new server before going ahead and deleting the old one, you can do that with your local hosts file.

Also keep the old server shutdown for a couple of weeks just in case that you’ve forgot something.

Hope that this helps!

  • In addition to what Bobby mentioned, we recommend our users at SimpleBackups to take one final snapshot of the droplet before deletion.

    This gives you the option to relaunch the droplet back in case something else that never crossed your mind was missing.

    Note: DigitalOcean droplet backups are deleted when you delete a droplet, don’t count on them in this context. Snapshots stay indefinitely.