What should i put instead of 'remote_host' ?

November 13, 2014 1.3k views

I want to enable SNMP on an OpenVswitch.
I'm using virtual box, created 2 ubuntu VMs
i installed Openvswitch on one and followed the steps in the following tutorial:

How To Install and Configure an SNMP Daemon and Client on Ubuntu 14.04 by Justin Ellingwood.

where the vm with ovs is the client and the other vm is the manager.

when it comes to the command containing ' remote_host', what should I put instead?

I tried to put the name of the client vm but it gave me 'unknown host'.

1 Answer

remote_host is simply be the domain name or IP address of the remote server. As you're using VirtualBox, you'll need to make sure you created the VMs with networking settings allowing for them to be accessible to each other. See more about VirtualBox networking options here.

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