What should I use for my discord bot?

April 21, 2017 246 views

What do I use to host my discord bot? A Visual Studios Net Core application

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Without knowing anything about Discord, it looks like you can create bots in many different frameworks, but a lot of people uses Node.js as their server using the discord.js framework:
So it all depends on which language you code your bot in.

I'm using C# so that wouldn't really work out

  • @vete2000
    Okay, if you're coding in C# or .Net, then you probably need a Windows platform as server, which means DigitalOcean is currently not a recommended host for you.
    I know Microsoft released a .Net server platform for Linux a few months ago, but not sure if it's available in general or their primary focus is for their Azure platform.
    All in all, if you don't know anything about Linux, then it's probably easier to use Microsoft's Azure platform.

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