What should my DNS be, using GoDaddy and Digital Ocean?

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Hi, I am really new to this so apologies up front.

I have a domain name through GoDaddy = that I would like to point to my Droplet. Does anyone use GoDaddy and DO who can let me know how to set at each location so my domain name works?

  • At GoDaddy you should set your nameservers to:

    At Digital Ocean:

    • Click DNS
    • Click Add Domain
    • Put your domain in the Name field (
    • Put your droplets IP address in the IP Address field
    • Select the droplet associated with that domain from the Select a droplet dropdown
    • Click the Create Domain button

    That’s it for the basic configuration. Keep in mind that it may take some time for the DNS to propagate.

    You will probably also want to add a CNAME record at the domain as part of the basic configuration with the name www and hostname @ so that works as well as

  • Thanks, I just went through the instructions “How To Set Up a Host Name with DigitalOcean” so I will see how that works out. Just finished them up so i will have to give it some time to propagate as you mentioned. I added the “A”, “CNAME”, and “MX” entries as well, where A = @ and IP address; CNAME = www and @; and MX = 10 and This was in the same instruction set so hopefully that’s what I needed to do.

  • Why is it necessary to provide the ip and the droplet name? Shouldn’t one or the other be sufficient, since there is 1x1 relationship between ip and droplet name?

    edit: I see that selecting the droplet from the drop down triggers the ip to be filled in. That is cool, but what I want to know is why both fields are “required.” The problem is it is a little confusing to make it sound like you have to provide values for both fields when providing a valid value in either of the fields is the requirement, not filling in both.

    The form prefills ip when droplet is selected, cool.

    Why not prefill droplet when ip is entered?

    Why not prefill both ip and dropletName with the valid values for the logged in customer? The form should have one field, not two, with a dropdown filled in like this: dropletName1 dropletName2

    I bet your have programmers who can combine the values in the front end like that, even if they have to seprated for different purposes handled by the name server.

    To me, the way you have it setup comes across like someone is not thinking, specifically whoever responsible for that form. You can feel good that your form is not as ridiculously stupid and unintelligable as, say, Mr. Go Daddy’s forms, but is that your goal, to suck less than your competitors?

    DO is awesome. Fixing this minor UI issue would add to your image of awesomeness. How long would it take? About as long as tying this note. So don’t be lame, get on it.


    p.s., since I am on a rant, this form here, for commenting, is done beautifully.

    So why don’t have a good way to add photos? Can you imagine how much easier it would be for people to explain what they mean if they could include images? The reasons for not doing that, I can imagine are “no one else allows them so we don’t need to,” and “people could abuse the system.” DO has solved so many problems so much harder than any problem there might be with allowing photos in your tech and community threads, I am going to say it’s lame you don’t provide a way for registered droplet owners to post pictures in tech support threads.

    Thank you again, you are doing awesome work and I admit, my rant is on minor points.

  • @dan677915 The droplet name is not actually required. It’s just there in order to autocomplete the IP field if you select one. In fact, you are free to point your domain to an IP that is not assigned to a droplet on your account.

  • asb,
    The IP field auto completes, why not do the same thing with droplet field?

    The article is confusing. It is written as if both fields have to be entered. Here is what the article says:

    • Put your droplets IP address in the IP Address field
    • Select the droplet associated with that domain from the Select a droplet dropdown
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Hello! Yerstaday I finished my setup vs GoDaddy - I did everythink like was said in “How To Set Up a Host Name with DigitalOcean”. So my site go live in few minuts. But when I wake up today and went to check my site - it’s can’t be opened. I can open it by IP address, but domain name not working anymore. Why it can happens? My domain name is ‘’ and ip is


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