What size droplet for Rstudio with 100 students

January 12, 2017 1.8k views
Getting Started

Hi-I’m using the smallest droplet right now and love it.

What size droplet would people recommend for a basic introductory stats class for 100 students using Rstudio? No single data set would be larger then say 5000 rows by 20 variables.


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From what I’m reading, the requirements are fairly minimal, though different sources give varied data on what one would need.

I’d recommend starting with a 1GB Droplet and scaling from there. Upgrading is always an option, so start semi-small and work your way up. You can monitor resource usage using top which will give you and overview of CPU & RAM usage as well as what the most resource-intensive processes are.

  • Agreed — I’ve made the mistake of trying to guess the resources needed in past and have overdone it. Start with a 1 GB and scale up as needed.

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