What to Choose for Application Deployment of Django version 1.11 LTS and python 3.6.3

December 15, 2017 990 views
Deployment Ubuntu 16.04

I am a slight confused about deployment of Django Application on Cloud Server or VPS. which Registering, there are three options, Distributions, Container Distribution and One-Click App.

I understand that one click App is for Django 1.8.7 so i have to choose from other options.

but i am still not getting what is the most appropriate for my application


  1. Django 1.11 LTS
  2. Python 3.6.3
  3. mySQL 5.7
  4. Ubuntu 16.04 I am planning to use Apache for Deployment purpose.

is there anyone with the path to this problem of understanding ??? I require it on a quick note. Today itself....

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