What vscode extensions you used for laravel?

Posted February 6, 2021 4.1k views

What vscode extensions you used for laravel? What settings you used?

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Hi @sandeepbhambre,

That’s a nice question. Here is the list I usually use alongside an explanation as to why:

Laravel Blade Snippets
Laravel Artisan
PHP Debug
PHP Intelephense

Here is why:

Laravel Blade Snippets

Basically, It’s used for syntax highlighting. It comes with Emmet installed in it as well which helps with faster generathing HTML div, p, head, and many more elements. Except the HTML stuff, it can generate Laravel Blade codes. If you want to add a section, you just need to do:


and it generates it for you.

If you learn to use it, it can help you quickly do a lot of stuff.

Laravel Artisan

This extension lets you run Laravel Artisan commands from within Visual Studio Code. This is quite handy again as it saves time. Other features of this extension are :

  • Supports multiple instances of artisan in the same workspace hierarchy
  • Make files (Controllers, Migrations, Models, etc)
  • Run Custom Commands
  • Manage the database
  • Clear Caches
  • Generate Keys
  • View all routes
  • Start/stop a local php server for test purposes
  • Docker support


This one is self-explanatory. Most of the time the projects I work on are saved on git. This extension lets me make commits directly from VS.

PHP Debug and PHP Intelephense

Well, controllers are PHP with more classes in them. Most often than not these two extensions help me sort a typo, problem in my syntax etc. Afterall it’s PHP.


Hi there,

I personally use the following:

  1. Laravel Blade Snippets
  2. Laravel Snippets
  3. Laravel Blade Spacer
  4. Laravel Artisan
  5. Laravel Extra Intellisense
  6. Laravel goto Controller
  7. Laravel goto View
  8. DotENV syntax highlighting

I recently wrote a post on the 8 VS Code extensions that I’m using. You can find it here:

VS Code Extensions for Laravel Developers

Hope that this helps!