What was the time/date on my Ubuntu droplet before I reset it?

January 19, 2015 1.4k views

I changed the time/date on my Ubuntu droplet to Sydney, Australia time (from the command line). The droplet is located in Singapore.

This is now causing problems authenticating with Twitter, and I’d like to reset it to the default. So … what was that default? UTC?

Is there a command to set the time back to the default?

2 Answers

What makes you think a timezone change causes problems authenticating with Twitter?

Short answer:

  • because part of the OAuth connection magic is a timestamp which uses the server’s local time
  • because the problem started when I changed the time

I think Twitter is seeing times in the future, or too far in the past, and rejecting the authorisation.

My server time is now set to Sun Jan 18 22:19:02 and it’s working again.

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