What will happen to Arch Linux? Sign here against deprecation!

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Hello, please, some can tell me information about the deprecation of Arch Linux? What will happen to active droplets? We can't create it anymore? Please, rethink this decision... I hope that there is a possible solution for all of us and future customers which come here only to use Arch Linux. Maybe with only make a kernel upgrade every six months or a year it's okey, or let use custom kernels.... Please, you (DO) are wrong with this.

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I needed to run Arch Linux on DO too, so I wrote a script that automatically converts a fresh Debian 7.0 x64 installation into a fully-updated Arch installation.

Feedback appreciated!

+1 for Arch availability. Support I do on my own… So , the tutorials that was available for users appears good.

What will happen to active droplets?
Nothing. We are only deprecating the Arch Linux image.
We can't create it anymore?
No, you will not be able to create more Arch Linux droplets. However, you can spin up a new Arch Linux droplet right now, update it, and take a snapshot of it. Then, whenever you want to spin up a new Arch Linux droplet, you can use the snapshot as the official image will not be available. Keep in mind this means that you are 100% responsible for updating the image and making sure it works properly.
  • I've been on both sides of this. Working on several products, I've had to make decisions as to what platforms to support. I understand that a few voices asking for support for Arch doesn't amount to much. What I would like to know is: What would it take for DO to agree that keeping support for Arch was worth it? To start with an extreme, would $100 billion no string attached suffice for DO to offer 5 years of continued support for it? What bout $1 million? Or a petition of 10,000 signatories? Or a price premium for those who wish to use it? Dropping all application support and only keeping a single, updated 64-bit image? I understand that it's hard to come up with a simple answer for this, but it would be nice to know what it would hypothetically take to continue support for this. Arch is what got me on DO. Why would I want to use DO if it only has the other 4 selections? That's what everyone else already has. What's the differentiator? Thank you.
  • Just to second this.. I’m an extremely happy DO customer. I tell others how much I love DO. Been using it for almost a year, just today I decided I wanted another instance and went to spin up another only to find Arch is no longer an option. Your support of Arch is what brought me in as a customer and I’ve found that compared to other hosting options, your service is superb.

    Now that you no longer offer Arch, any other provider is just as good as you in my book. I have several Ubuntu, CentOS and other OS’s with other providers (GCE, AWS, others) at the same or better cost, but in my book, DO was where I came when I wanted a solid Arch image. As I have begun migrating services from other providers, my intent was to bring them here on Arch. With that option now gone, I will go look elsewhere for this service.

    I’m still extremely happy with the Arch image I have, I suppose I could just clone it and keep the good thing I have going, but it’s still very disappointing to come and find that it is no longer an option to get a fresh Arch image and kernel as a new droplet.

  • “Then, whenever you want to spin up a new Arch Linux droplet, you can use the snapshot as the official image will not be available.”

    Sadly, this is no longer the case. I tried creating new instances using snapshots today and I failed to do so. I then asked support about this and they said that it was no longer possible to restore from Arch based snapshots. This makes me sad and a bit fearful of my one lone Arch vm. Luckily I have backups on my local machine, but if push comes to shove and I have to restore it, I’m afraid of not being able to do so.

    Also, while it is possible to use the Debian 8 -> Arch conversion script to create a new Arch VM, it doesn’t change the little distro icon. :(

    P.S. Yeah, yeah. I know the thread is over a year old. It is still one of the first results that pops up in a google search and now contains inaccurate information.

Yes I'm responsible of my droplet, DigitalOcean isn't a managed server. But deprecate an actual working distribution isn't a good idea...
This means we will be stucked with kernel 3.8.4-1-ARCH, right?
The reason I first chose DigitalOcean (before knowing how great it is!) instead of similar hosting companies was because of Arch Linux availability.

Please let us still be able to use Arch on new droplets or at least continue allowing existing droplets to upgrade to new kernels as they are released for security reasons.

The reason I love Arch is because of its rolling releases.

If you need to scale down maintenance, people using Arch tend to be linux-savvy and able to manage their own systems if you let them.
Same for me, love DO big part because of Arch linux, why deprecating this great distro!
This is lame, just another reason from DO for us not to use their services.
Like the other people in this thread, one of the big reasons for me moving to DigitalOcean was because of Arch Linux support - it's far more lightweight than any of the other offerings, and quite rare to see a cloud provider support it. In fact, I've recommended DO to quite a few people now *because* of this support.

To hear that it's not going to be supported any more is really disappointing.

the solution should be build your own boot manager so we could install any distro, but instead you drop support of the only bleeding edge distro you had, great
Even though only a very few number of DO users select Arch, it should be thought of as a smart marketing ploy by DO.

For example, if you sell something with a large number of models, say TVs or cars, you always have one very high end selection to show off that almost no one choose to buy. That's so it attracts buyers to you and makes your other middle-range options look more attractive to most buyers. (And of course, those that buy the high-end are very happy too!) This is a very well-known, well-understood marketing gimmick.

I would like to hear the official reason for deprecating Arch and if it truly outweighs the marketing benefits of providing the "high end" Arch selection.
Really sad to find out Arch Linux will not be supported anymore. For me this was the reason to go with Digital Ocean.

Dropping support will mean I will have to move away to another hosting company.

I really liked your service, but I have to say goodbye!
PS. Vote here to keep Arch Linux on Digital Ocean.
Linode... here I come!
Another vote for Arch Linux. Time to go check out Linode.
Please keep Arch Linux for creating new droplets.
Would a real shame and a reason to move away from DO altogether.
Another vote for Arch!
I too would like to see Arch supported. Even though I can continue with my existing Arch server, it looks as though the kernel won't get updated. If digitalocean can keep kernels updated, surely one of us could provide an Arch image which just has base and base-devel for other users to clone. If this was updated weekly it would provide a starting point for any new users.
I am another user who found DigitalOcean and originally started using it primarily because I could use Arch Linux. Please, do not drop support, or at least give the community a way to keep the kernel up to date!
Another vote for Arch!
Yep, same here. New user this month to test out the service and move some projects over. I was surprised with the information, since I was planning on spinning up a few arch instances.

DO can do what they like for whatever reason, but, I like the idea of using arch for certain things. Other than voices, I wonder if there is any other way to get an arch droplet up. Had I had the option to spin one up, save and redeploy, as suggested above. I would have.

+1 ; DO needs Arch.

PLease, I only use ArchLinux on my droplets. I dont see any other options for a good linux distro.

This is a +1 to sign for keep archlinux.

Another vote for Arch!

Hey, if you could let at least one of the more serious Archers (like myself) in on how you create and update the Arch images, I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind helping to automate it at least. Even better though would be to just automate building of the Arch install disk and having that “disk” be inserted on droplet creation.

+2 for Arch

I’ve been choosing between Linode and DO and now I’m here, cuz I can have the same SSD VPS for only $5 per month, and my Arch Linux droplet is so lightweight that ‘512Mb RAM’ plan is more then enough for my needs.

If DO’s team is bothered about this distro’s frequent kernel updates, maybe they would allow us to use Arch with linux-lts kernel?

bring back Arch please

I’m voting for Arch too!

+1 for Arch. If there is no Arch support, I may have to find other options. Sorry !!

I came for arch linux because I saw it mentioned in many of your tutorials online.

Now that I have entered my credit information and am about to create a droplet… I am hesitating because Arch linux is no longer an option.

Is there any public announcement as to why arch was dropped?

+1 for Arch!!oneone!

I wont use anything but Arch Linux. If they don’t bring back arch support, I’m switching to linode.

I thought digitalocean had Archlinux, lol.. bad decision..

We want Arch Linux! Only problem with Arch Linux is that they occasionally f**k up so that you get no network support on your VPS. I tried this a few times and I guess that’s a major reason why DO doesn’t want to do Arch Linux anymore.

Please support arch linux or allow uploading own image.

I just recommended DO to my boss yesterday, not realizing Arch has been dropped. Frustrated. You will be losing my business.

Yes, +1 for Archlinux option

Please, It’s easiest distro out there.

You guys are going to lose customers if you don’t support other distros, you have 2 flavors of redhat, redhat testing IE Fedora and the community version “CentOS” of RHEL. You guys should support Suse and OpenSuse as it’s also suited towards servers.

Basically you’ve removed options from just a few years ago, you used to have gentoo and that got wiped, then you just discontinued arch within the last year. What’s next? Fedora?

Many are going towards Vultr as it offers more, is actually faster in I/O, and offers custom images which you guys should be offering. Ubuntu is “cute” as a server but I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole, it’s fine on desktops, and okay on servers. Yes, I understand I can run arch as a container in CoreOS, same with any distro but why would I?

I rather run the distro I choose, kinda sucks but without custom images many are going to go towards Linode, Vultr, and Ramnode “for gentoo… don’t bother as the images are borked right now”

Also want arch on DO! ++

+1 Arch Linux on DO. Don’t make me go to Linode please.

+1 for Arch Linux :3

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