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Posted March 22, 2018 3.1k views
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I’m just wondering what workflow everybody uses? I’m used to developing on windows exclusively, so a lot of the linux stuff is new and cumbersome to me. I know I can develop locally, which is what I’m doing in a ubuntu VM on a windows box, but lets say I go into production. What then? How do I push to the server asap etc… what’s the best method for this kind of setup. I will be using Laravel as a framework mostly.

I liked the idea of having the cloud storage mounted locally in the vm, but I’ve found once i got over the hurdle of setting it up to accept my ssh key pair sublime wouldn’t save over the files anyway.

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This is a broad question. How do you deploy when you develop under windows?
Most likely the same tools are available.

A basic answer is using git.

  • Develop locally under linux
  • Test
  • git commit & git push
  • Use a git hook on the remote server (testing or prod)
  • Done!

Maybe you’re using a CI/CD pipeline?

If you’re cloud storage is mounted locally (and correctly mounted) sublime, atom, vscode (or any other editor) should read/write the files normally. If sublime doesn’t save the files, make sure you’re opening the correct file from the correct mounted drive.

by Justin Ellingwood
Git is a very robust and mature version control system that has seen great adoption in recent years. One of git's great features is its ability to use "hooks" to call arbitrary scripts when certain git events occur. In this guide, we'll discuss the general idea behind git hooks, talk about how to work around some of its inconsistencies, and demonstrate some implementations that you can use in your development process.