Whats the most affordable setup for VPS (here obviously) + domain + emails?

November 1, 2015 6.4k views
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This is as you can see isn’t a technical question, but more of an advice question.

As DigitalOcean doesn’t provide domain or email hosting I’m curious what others use for this?

My personal current setup is 3 domains plus a Business Plan web hosting at HostGator, this includes unlimited email and storage and some other things. The domains point here, so I don’t use any of the storage included in the plan, only what I have here in my droplets. This costs me about $19/month, plus 3x $12 for the domains. So about $22 a month which pretty far from very expensive. But it does feel unnecessary since I don’t use any of their storage.

I’m thinking of moving the domains to Google instead which would only be the price of the domains and have email forwarding to a gmail account. which would cost me about $3 a month instead. But responding from a Gmail when someone contacted me on a business like domain doesn’t look professional in my opinion.

What are your experiences with this? What setup are you using and how much does it cost? I’m sure I’m not the only one that would prefer putting my money into a more powerful droplet than unnecessary services from other hosting companies!

  • Hi, just a quick fyi - you can host your domains on DO and run your own mail server on a single $5 /month VPS which will quite happily handle email for a couple of domains.

    So, your spend would be the annual domain renewal fees (couple of $ /domain) and $5 /month for a DO VPS and domain hosting :)

    Hope this helps ..


  • @mik997 cool, I thought this wasn’t possible. So where do I transfer existing domains to DO?

  • DO does not offer domain regeneration services, you will have to use a provider such as Godaddy, NameCheap to register your domains. You can however use DO’s DNS services to host your DNS records, you can find how to point your domain’s nameservers to DO DNS here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-point-to-digitalocean-nameservers-from-common-domain-registrars

    by Josh Barnett
    by Kathleen Juell
    DNS is the naming system that is used to bind a domain name to a web server. In this guide, we will change the nameservers for a domain that we have registered and point it to a DigitalOcean Droplet.
  • .. also, take a look at the domains control panel (under networking on the DO dashboard) ..

    MDS is correct you will have to leave your domains ‘parked’ at your domain registrar & change nameservers to point to DO nameservers

  • @MDS thats what I thought and is exactly what I have so it doesn’t make any difference.
    @mik997 then hostgator is still hosting my domain while I point it to DO.

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I’m personally running Ajenti on my $5/mo server (with backups, to make it $6, but I’d still highly recommend it) and that’s running a few small sites and emails, sounds perfect for you.

You can set up Ajenti following this tutorial and emails following this one :)

by Jonah Aragon
Ajenti is an open source, web-based control panel that can be used for a large variety of server management tasks. It can install packages and run commands, and you can view basic server information such as RAM in use, free disk space, etc. All this can be accessed from a web browser. Optionally, an add-on package called Ajenti V allows you to manage multiple websites and email accounts from the same control panel.
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