When I Create a New Digital Ocean Account, it says Blocked. They Blocked My Current Account.

May 5, 2018 598 views
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I am a developer and develop websites for clients. Digital Ocean Blocked my current Account but now when I try to create a new Account, they blocked that account also. What is the problem? I don’t want to use their free credit. Also used my personal Email ID. Still, they locked my Account. So how to create a new DO account without getting Locked?

What is my mistake? Do I use same credit card information or another issue? Please Tell me ASAP.

2 Answers

Hopefully you backed up all your files locally at least once a week. I’ve seen it happen before and they can make you wait 3-5 days while your site is down before you get it reinstated, if at all.

Yep. me too. Apparently Digital Ocean is just locking accounts for verification and walking away.

If I ever manage to get my code off my droplet and will NEVER use this morons again.

In the mean time I suggest you hit their Facebook page and give them a one star review and a comment.

Maybe that will wake them up.


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