When I create the DNS, I get the '. ' at the end of my awwell.com. and at the end of ns1,ns1 and ns3?

November 10, 2014 1.6k views

awwell.com. 1800 IN NS ns1.digitalocean.com.
awwell.com. 1800 IN NS ns2.digitalocean.com.
awwell.com. 1800 IN NS ns3.digitalocean.com.
Is it the way it should be?

  • Yes. The dot at the end means the name is not relative to the zone. Without the dot, those entries would be interpreted as




    as if they were subdomains of awwell.com.

  • So when I update my nameservers with the domain registrar should I include the dot or should I not?

1 Answer

When I registered my domain with dream host registrar I was not allowed to enter the '.' at the end of ns1,ns2 and ns3. That is why I got confused.

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