When i Moved to Digital ocen from that time i am getting feed error

March 22, 2017 2.2k views

When i Moved to Digital ocen from that time i am getting feed error
My blog is Srs Creations
and check feed here Feed
and in webmaster tools am also getting 302 error for all feed pages
and one more doubt is how Indian’s can pay for the renewal

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and i forgot to ask one more doubt . i am continuously facing database establishment error i am getting 50-60k views for month and my droplet is 5$ per month if i go for 10$ will my problem will b solved?

  • It depends on how many plugins you’re running and how heavy the theme is, but WordPress isn’t really made to run on a $5 droplet.
    Yes, you’ll have less problems when the server doesn’t run out of RAM, so upgrading to $10 would be a good start.

You have a redirect somewhere - either in your Nginx configuration or somewhere in WordPress (or a plugin).
To pay for renewal, you have to input your credit card in the control panel.

i have yoas seo nulledplugin is it causing that error?? and we are not able to pay using credit card??

  • @sarkarali123
    You can pay with an international credit or debit card.
    Try deactivating all plugins, if that doesn’t work, then we’ll look at the Nginx configuration.

    • What us Nginx Configuration???

      • You need to ask the person that setup the server for you.

        • Server setup is done by my friend he is also dont know about that error

          • Then you need to find someone who knows something about server administration, because you need to keep it up-to-date - otherwise you might end up getting hacked.
            DigitalOcean is not a managed service, so you’re responsible for your own server, security and backup.

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