When using 'Access Console' the error "Server disconnected (code: 1006)" is returned.

Posted February 29, 2016 51.8k views
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I have a Ubuntu Droplet I’m in the process of setting up. I’d like to have the console setup and accessible, in case any network issues arise. However, when I attempt to access the console from your interface it returns:

“Server disconnected (code: 1006)”

Is there any software that needs to be installed on the VM (like NoVNC), or ports that need to be opened on it’s firewall to allow this? What’s the standard process for having this be accessible to a new Linux VM?

Thanks! :)

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I had this problem. I forgot my user password for one droplet, but knew the root. Root login was disabled through SSH, so my only option was to login under root user using the console.

It turned out that my ISP is blocking 5000 port. I had to use Wi-Fi hotspot on my phone and access Internet via cell operator. Only then I was finally able to use the console.

I’m thinking about setting up some VPN on one of my droplet and use it for Internet access for such cases.

P.S. To test port 5000 connectivity you can simply use this site

The console does not require any additional software but will use a random port to connect the HTML client with the vnc service. Since multiple services are run per-hypervisor the port used is a random one usually in the 6000-7000 range.

Okay, thanks - it’s still rejecting the request when I attempt to connect - with the above mentioned error.

  • I have the same issue while on holiday, the problem is the wifi here has blocked every port except for port 80 (for web browsing) so I can’t acces my machine from here :(, I’m guessing your problem is the same.

Same problem also. I cannot open console from office due to this as office only allows port 80 and 443, this is disadvantage for me

Is there a workaround to pass through with the corporate firewall(proxy, user settings) & access console.

Any help is much appreciated.

+1 Also having this issue. I locked myself out with the firewall.