When viewing the site by domain name it says Almost There

November 26, 2014 3k views

I have set up a CNAME projects.earlymarket.com at my tsohost cpanel to point to but when I visit that URL I get the Almost There page.

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What is your droplet’s host name set to? If not projects.earlymarket.com, you will have to configure nginx to serve Redmine on projects.earlymarket.com.

Edit /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/redmine, and add projects.earlymarket.com to the server_name directive:


server_name droplet-hostname;


server_name droplet-hostname projects.earlymarket.com;

Then, restart nginx:

sudo service nginx restart

I already set the hostname I thought: http://note.io/1FrXGDJ

here is my redmine file:


  • It looks like Redmine is loading on projects.earlymarket.com now. Are you still experiencing this issue? You might have to clear your browser’s cache.

Seems to work now. Do you know if I should leave the other domains in the server_name setting or doesn’t it really matter.

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