When will RHEL be added as a supported droplet OS?

August 6, 2015 5.3k views
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Given that RHEL is free (updates and support being what costs money form Red Hat), when will Digital Ocean offer it as a supported droplet OS?

I know that CentOS is very similar, but it’s not exactly the same, and being able to run “real” RHEL (putting in my own RHN credentials for updates) would be very nice.

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Due to RHEL requiring a license, it is unlikely to be something immediately added to our available operating systems. You might be able to obtain a repo list from them (if you have a license with them) and then use the repo files they provide on your CentOS box. Many of the packages they provide are compatible with CentOS systems.

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Jason Colyer
DigitalOcean Platform Support Lead

  • RHEL does not require a license to use
    It requires a license to receive support from Red Hat

  • RHEL requires a subscription to use properly, but you could supply it as an unentitled BYOD (Bring Your Own Licence) droplet. I would like to use some software that is only supported on RHEL, and I can use my own Red Hat subscriptions for this.

    If you just contact Red Hat about this, I’m sure they will be able to clear the availability of their images to you.

    • RHEL does not require a “subscription to use properly” - you can install RHEL freely.

      The subscription is for updates (before the new release comes out).

      • RHEL does “require a subscription to use properly” (I just installed it again today). If you don’t activate it with subscription manager, you can’t access any of the yum repos. That said I have my own license and would also like this option on DO

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