Where are the server logs? Why would they say there is no server running at that IP address, what causes that?

December 15, 2013 2.3k views
My Ghost is not showing up on my IP address and I was told to look at the server logs but they won't tell me how to access them. I followed the initial setup tutorial but nothing. They also say there is no server running at that IP address. Anyone happen to know why that might be?
3 Answers
Did you install Ghost on your droplet?
I followed these instructions: http://www.howtoinstallghost.com/how-to-install-ghost-on-digital-ocean-vps/
If that doesn't install Ghost then no I didn't.
I have completed http://www.howtoinstallghost.com/how-to-install-ghost-on-digital-ocean-vps-old/ and http://www.howtoinstallghost.com/how-to-start-ghost-with-forever/.

I am up and running now. Just you asking that question made me question whether the first tutorial actually installs Ghost like it says it does. Evidently it is not a Ghost installation tutorial.

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