Where can i see my account $ balance?

Posted March 14, 2019 6.4k views

Where can i see my account $ balance? It’s kind of weird that i can’t see it on the account page.


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Same here, no valuable info in Billing page, it looks like you don’t want your clients to have a clear view of their credit balance and payments history.

There’s a “Remaining account credits” section that appears at the very top of the billing page. Above the “Estimated costs for this billing period” section.

However, the section only appears if you do have a balance AND your balance is higher than what you already owe (current estimated costs).

The confusing scenario is when you do have a balance and it’s not enough to cover existing usage. For example, when your current estimated costs are $25 and your balance is $10 you can’t see that balance anywhere. However, if you click the “Make an Early Payment” button, you’ll see that the requested payment will be for $15, and guess that you have a balance of $10.

It’s not designed well. I understand that the “Remaining account credits” section would be irrelevant for any credit-card paying users (they don’t ever have balance). Showing it however when the balance is > 0 would be really helpful. Even if the balance is not enough to cover existing usage.

  • Thanks to kyrpas for the explanation. This was driving me nuts! If you owe money you can’t see your balance, but you can if you have a credit! This has to be one of the worst ways I can imagine for a company to collect payments.

Same issue here, terrible design indeed!

I think you have it nailed, Krypas. I have given up with support trying to escalate this problem.

Under certain circumstances, your credit balance will disappear totally and it will not be shown. You have no idea what the balance is in your account. You can see your usage.

To actually determine your credit under these circumstances, you have to use the API. This is extremely frustrating, nearly as frustrating as trying to explain this to DO support that simply don’t get it.

Instead they explain how you have to be in the team account (not the issue at hand), they explain how you have to maintain a credit balance (thank you, exactly what I’m trying to achieve, but with zero idea of what payment is needed if the credit balance does not show).

Tbh, support is sucking tremendously on this issue. I don’t know how else to explain this to support. I made snapshots etc - to no avail. I still hear “how it should” work, but there is a bug in the billing page and unfortunately no amount of explaining how it should work will will fix it. I shudder to think what will happen if something serious goes wrong affecting services.

One of the worst designs I’ve ever seen

Hey friend!

Great question. You can find your account balance here:

This is updated regularly to reflect your current balance. Note that a negative balance means that you have credit, and a positive balance means this is the amount currently owed. This may not reflect up to the minute billing, but should be quite close to it. This amount is not considered due until the first day of next month, at which point it is finalized in the invoice for the previous month. You can find more information about our billing practices here:


  • I don’t see my balance there. All it has is this:

    Estimated costs for this billing period

    This is the current costs for your usage this billing period. A breakdown of your costs is available below

    on top of the page. Where can I see how much money I currently have left on my balance?

  • I don’t see my account balance either. Only current and estimated costs. Can you please describe exactly where on billing page can I find it?

  • yeah… this is terrible design. i believe I have a negative balance at the moment, but all I can see is current usage and current billing period. i don’t see a clear indicator of what my current balance is, if I’m negative or positive by how much. so… not really sure how much to pay. so I guess I wont pay and then we’ll see what happens.

  • Not true, terrible design and you don’t even seem to understand what we are talking about

Looks like they fixed it now. I can finally see my account balance.

I got the remaining credit via email after top-up. And appears on the billing page too.