Where is my site?! / Managing mutliple sites on single droplet [Ubuntu Wordpress on 14.04]

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Disclaimer: Noob here, really basic language in answers would be preferred. I’m a virgin to this VNC connection stuff too. Thank you, all.

Overview: In the past I’ve uploaded WordPress through FTP in Dreamweaver, and managed multiple sites on a single host. When I connected to my site via SFTP, I didn’t see any of the files from my site there. Am I missing something? Probably. Know what it is?

Final desired outcome: Two managed domains (both registered @ namecheap with digitalocean nameservers) accessible through Dreamweaver; including the ability to get/put files, obviously.

Attempted Solutions: I’ve connected to my site via SFTP in Dreamweaver. It says it connected successfully. Both domains have been added in the DNS tab to my droplet IP address.

Also have been googling and looking through these forums but I haven’t found anything pertaining to my situation, at least, nothing in the basic enough of terms so that I can understand it…

Heck a tutorial how to do this from beginning to end would be amazing.

Thanks everyone.

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I do not know if Dreamweaver supports this but the problem you are running into is that when you connect via SFTP you start out in the /root directory while your web files would be in /var/www/html

You need to change up a directory to reach / and then navigate to /var/www/html. In Dreamweaver you may need to set the default directory for the connection. If that does not work, using a dedicated FTP/SFTP client like FileZilla should allow you to access your files.

    • This is a bit off-topic but I’d like to add that logging in to your droplet as root to edit your website’s files is bad practice. You could easily delete important OS files and mess up your droplet by just accidentally pressing the wrong button.

      Instead, create a new user and grant it access to the files:

      1. Create a user
      2. Grant it write access to your website’s files:

        sudo chown -R username:username /var/www/html

      You can then log in as that user instead of root in Dreamweaver.

      by Justin Ellingwood
      When you start a new server, there are a few steps that you should take every time to add some basic security and set a solid foundation. In this guide, we'll walk you through the basic steps necessary to hit the ground running with Ubuntu 14.04.