where 's located memcache.ini ?

May 15, 2017 4.5k views
PHP Caching Ubuntu 16.04

where 's located memcache.ini to add failover instruction?

droplet Ubuntu LEMP on 16.04

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Hi @smartbet79

That sounds like the PHP module, so that would be located here:


But it's only located there if you have installed the module php-memcache.

But all in all, it's recommended to use memcacheD instead of memcache:


If you're referring to the configuration file for memcache or memcached, it's generally located in






memcached is preferred over memcache though, as @hansen stated in his post.

The module file, memcached.ini isn't designed for service configuration, so you'd want to edit the corresponding file above if you need to modify how memcache/d works/functions.

i have installed memcacheD

/etc/memcached.conf is ok

/etc/php/7.0/mods-available/memcache.ini doesnt exist
/etc/php/7.0/mods-available/memcached.ini doesnt exist

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