Where to backup VPS data (databases + binary data)?

Posted July 3, 2020 1.4k views

I have a VPS in DigitalOcean and I want to backup my data there outside of DigitalOcean.

In particular I want to backup the data of my databases, as well as the data in regards of binary data (uploads from the users of my website like photos and videos).

I have 1 TB of Microsoft OneDrive, so I could make use of it for this task. Has it any problems?

But I wonder if this service is appropriate or not for this matter, or rather I should use another service that fits more here as Amazon S3 (Glacier) or Firebase Storage (Archive Storage).

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Hello @nestorllamas91

(Full disclosure I am the founder and CEO of SnapShooter Backup Service which covers this use case for backing up files and databases)

You should have no issues backing up your data to OneDrive I would personally recommend the tool for the job. It has a crazy number of supported file systems. (Its what we use)

When deciding what storage providers to support when building our backup product we decided to keep to S3 compatible storage (DigitalOcean spaces, AWS S3, Backblaze …) as we feel its much better suited for commercial operations and didn’t want to support services like OneDrive which was not designed with backup uses cases like this in mind.

Not to say you can’t do it, we didn’t want to introduce any flaky behavior to the systems.


  • Great to see who I am talking to.

    So in my case what I want is an automated daily backup of my 1 single DigitalOcean droplet, whether for free (Microsoft OneDrive 1 TB free I have) or as much cheaper as possible (Amazon S3 Glacier is intended for backups of this kind).

    But now I see, thanks to your post, that you offer for free this exactly service I was looking for. Do you think I could just make use of it? Does this service will be always for free in the future regarding 1 daily backup of 1 DigitalOcean droplet?

    • Depends how much data you want to backup. For example DigitalOcean spaces is $5pm for up to 250GB.

      Glacier is something we don’t support as its a total different class of storage, think more tapes than hard drives, we are more of a backup and recovery service than long long term achieving service.

      The free plan is not going anywhere, and anyone on it will always get to enjoy it.

      • OK, so if the free plan is stable in the future, I would want to use SnapShooter then. I just use 1 droplet in DigitalOcean, and not any of the other services they offer like Spaces, Volumes, Backups, Snapshoots, etc. Just my 1 single droplet.

        How much data (in GBs) per backup and how many backups as a maximum would I keep in SnapShooter (taking into account that it would be in a daily basis)? I am reading the information in your website, that’s why I am asking this now. Seems a good service. Good job!

        • If your backing up a droplet, your snapshots will be the size of the used data on the droplet (volume need to be done separately)

          DigitalOcean bills you directly $0.05 per GB per Month for the Snapshot/Backup.

          SnapShooter takes and manages the lifecycle of the backups for you. You can choose as many past backups you wish to keep, just pay the cost to DigitalOcean monthly.

          Let me know if you have any other questions or feel free to message support directly on SnapShooter.

          Thanks for your kind words, we have been specialising in DigitalOcean backups for 3 years now :)

          • Oh, yes, I didn’t read that. So in the case of DigitalOcean we have Backups and Snapshots, but in the case of SnapShooter we have only Snapshots.

            So what you offer for free it’s just doing the snapshots in an automated manner (not manually by us compared with the manual DigitalOcean snapshots) and doing it in a daily basis (instead of weekly basis compared with the weekly DigitalOcean backups). So we can say here you apply the best from each method (DigitalOcean daily snapshots + DigitalOcean automated backups = SnapShooter daily and automated snapshots). But for this being possible for free in SnapShooter (this service “daily” and “automated”) I have to still pay for my DigitalOcean snapshots which are billed at $0.05/GB, isn’t it?

          • @nestorllamas91
            SnapShooter can only perform snapshots, which is what DigitalOcean does for the weekly backups but packages it up.

            You are correct you have to pay the storage bill which is $0.05/GB. SnapShooter will schedule and prune old backups of a single droplet/volume for free.