Where to upload site files Ubuntu 14 with LEMP

March 31, 2015 3.8k views
LEMP Nginx


Have installed LEMP on ubuntu 14.04 in one of droplets and have installed phpmyadmin. I also configured the vsftpd on the server using this tutorial and created the user saini and i am able to access the files via filezilla which is having various folders including Home/saini
and others.
I also have added a domain into the digitalocean DNS area and
now i am confused where to upload that site backups that i have downloaded??

Please someone help me in this.

3 Answers

The default web root for Nginx on Ubuntu is /usr/share/nginx/html/

You can change this directory via a setting in the virtualhost configuration in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

Thanks ryan, there is no folder with the site name i added via digitalocean control panel. Do i have to create that folder or just upload the files in that folder as its the 1st site i added to DO.

I created another domain in Digitalocean DNS area but tafter adding it i am not seeing the dedicated folder for that domain in the html folder. What to do now?

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