Which cPanel alternative will you recommend?

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My main tasks are: - add new domain (setup example.com and www.example.com) in Apache virtualhost - add new user, home directory, www directory for the new domain - create MySQL database and user for the domain - (optionally, mysql backup and restore via web interface)
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I would recommend zPanel. It's free and works with CentOS and Ubuntu.

We use virtualmin. Have been very happy with it.
ISPConfig 3 is a very good alternative too! It has more features than other open source alternatives (minus Webmin/Virtualmin), looks pretty good, and it's a charm to work with. Coming from zPanel, it's day and night :) Oh and did I mention multi-server support?
By default, where does ISPConfig and/or Virtualmin create new accounts or websites? In the /home or /var directory or where? Thanks.
ISPConfig 3 definitely, since its nginx compatible.
Direct Admin is pretty good too and supports Nginx too I think.

If you need to rent a license monthly, to save some cash, you can rent any control panel license, or billing system from http://www.licensecube.com/

Can definitely vouch for ISPConfig. Used zpanel and is worked well but ISPConfig has multi server support and excellent documentation
Based on what you're looking for, FreedomCP could work great for you. It's free for the core functionality you need. [Disclaimer: I'm one of the founders.]

InterWorx is a great cPanel alternative. It's much more functional than cPanel.

Ever hear the saying "united we stand; divided we fall?" Please post any new replies on cPanel alternatives, here: The Definitive Thread on Open Source Control Panels/ cPanel Alternatives: Part I

One big downside (especially with digital ocean's droplets) are that the licenses in Direct Admin cannot easily be adjusted. If your IP changes, you will need to submit a mail, which will have to be processed manually This could easily take many hours, depending on the moment you submit it. During that time, your Direct Admin is useless. If you switch data centers (which I did today) there's a 100% chance your IP changes. Very annoying, I can't understand why DirectAdmin doesn't allow users to change the IP of the user's license on the fly. In fact, I am currently trying out the cPanel trial to see if that works. If it does, it will be worth paying for the recurring fee.
FreedomCP was renamed to ServerPilot. It also has a free plan.

i am confident that one may use https://puphpet.com/ instead
Webuzo (see demo here http://demo.webuzo.com/enduser ) was outstanding for me as an intelligent non-geek. Does all the hard work with pretty interface. It is single-user (all I need) & at $25pa good value Stephen http://www.hotelresortphotography.co.uk

I wonder which scripts must install the web server runing safely with all services for web and emails ??
I’ll need:
wordpress multiple instalations,
multiple domains and subdomains,
multiple emails,
and obviously safe.
is for my own use .. about 10 sites in the air at most. It is not for reseller hosting, but I want security.

Linux, ngnix, mysql, php (LAMP) wordpress,

mail server: postfix,

POP IMAP server: Dovecot

email authenticator: DKIM, SPF,

Email Security: SpamAssassin, Fail2ban

Install Jailkit
Install fail2ban
Install rkhunter
Install SquirrelMail
vhost Apps
Bastille firewall

beyond the ISPConfig3, what other control panel already had all auto tools installed?

panels I saw and praised: ISPConfig or Santora or webamin or ajenti or EHCP or Vesta or WCP? which is the most downloaded of opensources and safe and light? WCP has been highly praised in the web !!

Are there any of these panels that already come with everything installed? what the most appropriate?

I want you to please tell me what else to forget, that I might need on my server to have a secure web with all served in emails and safety

I see many people who take care of own hosting is very complicated, not just PML and Wordpress .. as long served as efficient auto responders and others .. so that will work right if you have a service pack installed and configured properly.

not will resell staying .. so want have about 10 domains / sites running with the air quality in the same dropet .. will be operated so the admin panel WP after all finished.

Have you tried VestaCP I find it to be the easiest to setup and manage it has all the features that you would need for a hosting control panel like DNS, email, FTP, ssh, backups, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, webmail using round cube, among others, plus it has some extras to increase security like email antivirus using ClamAV, also SpamAssassin to block spam, and fail2ban to block cracking attempts. here is a tutorial to install it on ubuntu, but the installation is the same on most Linux distributions

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