Which Droplet Should I Choose for Website ?

May 17, 2016 2.7k views
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I am Minesh. I have a Wordpress Website Which is Hosted on Shared Hosting. My Website receive monthly 1.5M Pageviews. Due to this Heavy Traffic My Website is Down.

Now I want to Transfer my Website on Digital Ocean. But I am too confuse to Choose Droplet Size ? Please Help me Which Droplet Should I Choose ?

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Hi Minesh

In my experience a 2GB droplet (configured properly with caching) can handle about 125 concurrent visitors. So to start with, you can choose a 2GB droplet.

Think 2yrs from now: If you have a site that is destined to meet resource shortage in coming years, then just a single droplet server may not be the right strategy. You need to think upon a strategy for a cluster server. A setup which takes care of heavy traffic and also handles failover.

Word of caution: When I say “configured properly with caching”, I am assuming that you are not going to use any control panel. If you are planning for cPanel or Plesk, then you may have to go further to 4GB.

All the best!

If you have this many users you should probably look into a high availability solution. DO has some really great tutorials on this subject here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tags/load-balancing?type=tutorials

This documentation on how to select a correct droplet plan which might provide more insights :

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