Which location for customers located Dubai?

April 25, 2015 3.5k views
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I am considering creating a droplet for a client located in the Middle East/Dubai/Saudi Arabia, what would be my best bet? Singapore or Frankfurt?

Would it make sense not to bother with this at all and find them a local hosting company? I am doing this remotely so can't provide serious assistance beyond a phone call and Skype.

2 Answers

DO charges you by hour so test the speed by trail and error..

As per general understanding, from Middle East, the European locations would be closest, so if possible run a "ping" and "trace route" from any client PC on remote to DO test locations.


You can test your speed and latency to all of our data centers by using the speed test links found here. Based purely on geography I would guess that you will see the best performance from the Frankfurt data center for users connecting from the Middle East.

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