Which Plan to choose for blog to handle upto 1000 visitors at the same time?

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Hi, i’m planning to start a new Blog (everything is ready, just hosting is left). So, need a server to handle atleast 500 to 1000 visitors at the same time (simultaneously).

Please note, it should handle 500 to 1000 users simultaneously.

Since i dont have much knowledge about hosting stuffs, i am confused which Pricing Plan will suite me best. Should i take your “Most Popular Plan 10$” plan for my blog?

Please suggest me one soon.
Best Regards.

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  • Depending on your blog platform and how well it’s optimized, if you’re looking to have 1000 concurrent users and are asking this question, you should be looking for a consultant to take care of your blog’s backend. Throwing spaghetti at the wall like this is begging for disaster.

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Since I’m also in the high-availability game (for shop servers) you first need to define what 500 - 1000 users actually means.

Yes, you can have 1000 users on any site easily, the question is how many users “call for an action on your server” at once, or in other words, how many users query your database in a single second. I learned the hard way that “real” 1000 users are a lot to handle for any single server setup - and I rented servers that cost $100 per day. Here the bottleneck becomes the database.

But even if you rent the largest Amazon or Google SQL cloud server (flatrate of around 40$ per day - just for the database) you can only have max. up to 4.000 read/write requests per second.

So let’s assume 1.000 people are on your blog at the same time. Reading here and there, leaving comments etc. What really happens is that you maybe have around 100 people (out of 1.000) who actually call your server at the very same moment, while the majority of people will request new content a few seconds earlier or later.

So 1.000 people on a blog - I’d say you’re very fine with an optimized 10$ LEMP stack incl. MariaDB or Percona for MySQL. Get a free CDN on the side, lean back and enjoy the show :)

Should you bet your life on this? No, but this is my personal conclusion after researching this topic for nearly 2 weeks now.

I’d recommend looking into:

P.S.: When you select your server make sure it’s in the same region as the majority of your readers. This will not only make a difference in cutting down loading times but also in SEO.

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Choosing the right Droplet plan depends on your workload. An oversized Droplet would underuse its resources and cost more, but an undersized Droplet running at full CPU or memory would suffer from degraded performance or errors.

You can also resize a Droplet to a larger plan after creation, including resizing to a larger Droplet plan of a different kind. For example, you can resize from a Basic Droplet plan to a larger CPU-Optimized Droplet plan. See the Droplet pricing page for a full list of plans and prices.

You can always check our tutorial on Choosing the Right Droplet Plan

Hope that this helps!