Which specifications do i need?

October 29, 2016 3.3k views

We are gonna have an application process for an event. We took 900+ application in 30 minutes last year. But because of shared hosting plan, so many people had difficulties to be able submit form even seeing form. Which plan should we get to serve better ? We are using mysql database and getting information with 4 mysql query.


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Well I would say that minimum is $10 Droplet. It gives you 1 GB RAM which is recommended for MySQL to run.
$5 Droplet is small for your needs, as it gives 512 MB RAM. With that memory size and number of visitors your server would go down very easy.
If price is important point, you can go with $10 and install swap to make sure it’s enough.
In case this is not problem and you want to be sure it works flawless, you can go with $20 Droplet as it ships with 2 GB RAM.

I think most important point is RAM usage if queries are not complex. In that case number of CPU is not that important and one CPU would finish work without problems.

if the server will be available only for 1 day or couple of days you can take 10$ or 20$ plan as xMudrii said.

if you plan to have a server permanently and need higher resources only for a certain time, start with 5$ plan with 1gb swap and on the day of submission, do flexible resize to 20$ plan. only for few hours or a day it wouldn’t cost you much. when the submission is over, resize back to 5$ plan.

Is it possible that i resize my 5$ plan to 640$ plan for 12 hours immediately? Do i need to move the server or will it be resized just in seconds?

  • Yes, it is possible that you resize $5 plan to $640 plan. Please note that resizing Droplet requires you to power off Droplet before doing so. The process of resize should not take long.

    There are two types of Resize. You have CPU and RAM only and Disk, CPU and RAM.
    CPU and RAM only is reversible Resize - you will have option to resize to lower Droplet.
    Disk, CPU and RAM is permanent resize. Once you resize with this option, you will never again be able to lower it (e.g. from $10 to $5). With this, you would be able to upgrade it but not to downgrade anymore.
    This is because if you downsize disk, there can be data loss.

    There is tutorial - How To Resize Your Droplets on DigitalOcean which will explain you difference between resize options and what you need to know about it.

    by Melissa Anderson
    Resizing your servers can be an effective way of increasing their capacity, by allowing them to utilize more memory (RAM), CPU, and disk storage. The ability to resize a server, also known as vertical scaling, can be useful in a variety of situations that prompt the need for a more powerful server, such as if your concurrent user base increases or if you need to store more data. In this tutorial, we will show you how to resize your server, also known as a droplet, on DigitalOcean.

How much time does the resizing from 5$ plan to 640$ plan, CPU and RAM only, take?

  • This is something I don’t know and you should contact support for it.
    In article I linked there is Estimated downtime section saying:

    The estimated maximum downtime window for the resize process for a Droplet is: up to one minute per GB of used storage. For example, if your Droplet is using 20GB storage, the entire resize should take less than 20 minutes after it is initiated. The actual time of the process is typically very quick.

    But as you don’t change size of disk I’m not sure is this relevant. Anyways in my experience, I done “small” resizes, e.g. $5 -> $20 and it was pretty quick (less than minute for me).
    I can’t try it for you because it’s locked for me.
    When I already said locked, keep in mind, if you use PayPal you need to do some payment in advanced to unlock all sizes.
    For example, I done $5 payment and can create up to maximum $20 Droplet. For more than it I need to do more payment.
    This is not a problem if you are using credit card (I think). For more information about that, you can ask support.

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